Monday, 28 September 2015

Babysitting Course

My Child In The Middle Years

Manitoba Education and Advanced Learning created this website to meet an expressed need for provincial resources for parents of children in their Middle Years (Grades 5 through 8) in school. The Middle Years signal children’s entrance into adolescence. This period can be an exciting and happy, yet sometimes challenging, confusing and stressful, time for both young adolescents and their parents. This website offers information and resources to help parents and caregivers understand the developmental changes and situations their adolescent children may experience at school, at home and in the community. It also addresses questions and concerns parents of Middle Years students may have, and provides explanations on how to handle a variety of challenging situations. This website may also be useful to teachers who are new to Middle Years education, as it will help them gain a better understanding of students in this age group.

Monday, 21 September 2015

Updated Skateboarding Policy

Recently we have found the need to address the issue of skateboarding in the community and on school property. We have shared this policy with our students who skateboard, so they are aware of the rules and expectations.

Please see the details below. If there are any questions please let us know.

1) Skateboards can be used as a mode of transportation to and from school, but students are not to stop on streets, in parking lots or parks in the community to skateboard in one particular area and hang out.

2) Skateboarding is also not permitted on the walkways in front of the school, the public sidewalks out front of the school or across the street.

3) There will be a designated area provided in behind the school for skateboarding that students can use before school, at lunch & after school. This area will be marked by pylons at lunch. Students wishing to skateboard in the designated area must have a completed permission form (pick up from the office) and will be issued a shoe tag so that staff know they have permission.

4) If students are skateboarding in areas that they should not be, a staff member will take the skateboard to the office. The student will be able to pick up the skateboard at the end of the day.

5) Should this happen a second time, a parent will have to come to the office to pick-up the skateboard.

6) Should the issue persist, a parent meeting will occur and the student may lose their skateboarding privileges.

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Add Our Calendars To Your Mobile Device!

If you'd like to subscribe to our school calendars on your mobile device click the link below and choose which calendars you'd like to have on your device. We have provided links that will work on both i0S and Android platforms.

Subscribe To Calendars

If you're unsure on how to add the calendars, contact us at the school and we'd be happy to help!

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Friday, 18 September 2015

Grade 6 Girls Immunization Reminder

The pink forms for the grade 6 girls HPV vaccinations must be returned to the office as soon as possible.  Please remember to check off the box at the bottom, either giving or declining consent for the vaccine.  Thank you.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

St. James-Assiniboia Volleyball Referee Clinic

When: September 25 2015
  Clinic 1 - 12:30-4:00
Clinic 2 -  5:30-9:00
Where: Ness Middle School
Cost: Free
Deadline: September 21 2015
What do I get?    Novice Referee certification, rulebook, whistle, the opportunity to referee in the St. James School Division
Questions? Any questions contact

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

PowerSchool Parent Portal

If you are the parent of a Grade 7 or 8 student and would like access to follow your child's academic progress online, our PowerSchool portal is available to do just that.

You will need two things to set up your access:

1) Unique Web ID

Each student has a unique webID that you will be prompted to enter during the set up to add to add your child to your portal account.

Simply contact the office and we can provide you with the unique webID required.

2) Visit the website below for detailed videoson how to set up your parent portal account.

Create your account and use the unique webID provided by the office.

If you have questions or concerns, please let us know.

Monday, 14 September 2015

Recycle Your Batteries at School

Please bring your old cell phones and batteries (regular and rechargeable) to the GG office.  Once filled, our collection box will be picked up and taken to a hazardous waste centre.

FYI,  the lead from batteries in our landfills goes into our groundwater - YUK!  Besides stored electrons, these batteries also contain complex compounds that can be harmful to the environment. Fortunately, many of these materials are also valuable enough to recover for use in re-manufacturing

For more information, you can visit [ ]   The environment thanks you.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015